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Sherlocking Sherlocking Sherlocking...

  • Nikki Ferlazzo

    I have this piercing but I'm highly sensitive to metals. I only wear the one they pierced me with, kind of sad, so I'd love to find this!

  • Alisa New

    My brother lost mine when I had to take it out in feb but I so pushed a new one thru last night by myself :) not as sore this time thank goodness, and I'm so excited I have it back!

  • Samantha Rachal

    i got mine done and it was terrible! it was too far back and just wouldnt heal and hurt SO bad!

  • Raela DeForest

    Does anyone know where to find this jewelry?!

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realistic dreamcatcher

Short Girl Problems

  • Amanda Demchak

    Tall girl problems... Having short people in your boobs/armpits when you hug!

  • Cate Bennett

    my friends have that prob all the time i guess im just a green giant lol ho ho ho green giant you know the gingle lol