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Prayers and faith

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

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I love this...Another quote I like is by Max Luckadoo, " A woman's heart must be so hidden in God that he has to seek Him just to find her." Godly men are rare, wait on them and God will bring them into your life at the right time!!

Index of centaur

Besides the lies about Jesus being real, the catholic church being established in 33 AD, and the hateful comment about people who don't go to church, good information.

Who started your church?

Read from top to bottom and then bottom to top. Where the Atheist and the Christian merge . . .

So different, yet so similar…

Prayer For Employment - Found this in a local Catholic bookstore and had to buy it. This is on one side of a prayer card for employment. I gave the card to my daughter and hope it helps her find a job!

People say, "You take this Jesus thing too seriously." Well, I don't know, Jesus took me pretty seriously when He died for me on that Cross.