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The most magical color treated hair protector for swimming! 🌟 see the easy recipe here.

Oil Pulling 101

  • Samantha

    That's nice.

  • Jessica

    I love anything whitening! ... Until I heard the words more fertile... Not happening :-)

  • Samantha

    Lol Jessica!

  • A.K.

    I love how there's more controversy about an all natural oil than there is about flouride in toothpaste. Like, guys, it's not going to hurt you if you try this method, whether it works or not. And it's definitely better to swallow a little than it is to swallow flouride toothpaste as you do every morning.

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SPRING CLEANING! There's one very important reason you should be giving your hair brushes a bath. Click the photo to find out!

Make your own heated lash curler!

  • Amie Alvarado

    be careful ladies!

  • Tracy Miller

    or you can buy an actual heated lash curler for $5, and never crimp your lashes and risk ripping them out... jus sayin'

Your eyes will thank you!

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PRETTY ON THE INSIDE: We love this easy, no-cooking-required chia pudding recipe for it's beauty benefits + it's ability to knock our ice cream craving. Follow the link and read up!

No we haven't lost our minds! Click on the picture to see why!

  • Amanda O'Neill

    Yes, but you can place wax paper over it so you're not directly touching the plastic.

  • Jaclynn Cureton

    P.S. if you HAVE to do this then you've got some poor quality eyeshadow. Notice I didn't say cheap, because there is high quality inexpensive stuff. You just gotta buy it on Etsy. ;)

  • Sarah Evans

    How does depotting equate to poor quality eyeshadow? I have MAC eyeshadow pans that I have depotted to save space in my vanity. It has nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with saving space and organizing.

  • Angela Tertulien

    They just want you to leave it on long enough to warm the glue so it will come out of the pot, if you put parchment or wax paper it will be fine if you put it I. The oven the plastic will melt and your left with the metal pans the shadow comes in. so once you depot them this wayyou really can't put them back again

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For the "life of the party" girls only! :) Have a little holiday fun and show up wearing this giant bow headband. DIY is up on TBD.

DIY GIANT BOW HEADBAND. A mega must for ugly sweater parties!! #fun #holiday #DIY

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Beauty a budget? No problem. Try our very green/natural alternative to dry shampoo! #kitchenbeautician

  • Sara Bormett

    Anna Denson, by natural oils you mean dirt and grease. Cleaning you whole body daily is a necesity, to not wash it everday is just weird and gross. Personal experience: I wash my hair everyday as well as some friends I have, our hair is long, grows fast, is shiny, and soft. Girls I talk to always ask us what we do to our hair, and we say wash daily. If you buy a good shampoo and conditioner it shouldn' tdamage your hair, so if it does your using a bad brand or something. Another personal experience, I've noticed that girls that don't wash their hair everyday have a weird smell, just saying.

  • Ashly Forli

    you do know that lice is attracted to clean hair? the only people who end up getting lice are the ones who over wash it. So I think you are gross for washing your hair every day and risk getting bugs... dry shampoo have scents in them, to say people say smell weird is just plan fucking rude. There is so many chemicals in shampoo to wash it everyday is harsh on it. Scalp oils have a naturally protective quality.

  • Sara Bormett

    As long as my hair is clean, and I don't hang around anyone with lice, and my house is clean. I use shampoo and conditioner so they balance each other out, I know that the shampoo is harsh, that is why I use conditioner to add the things that are needed. Shampoo cleans, conditioner adds nutrients. I've clearly angered you and I am sorry, but you didn't have to use the harsh language.

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KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN is back! Make your own eye pads and lose your baggage!! Click on the picture for the full tutorial!

DIY crystal headpiece tutorial is up on TheBeautyDepartme... 💗

  • Lillie McPherson

    I like the mani!

  • XandraAwesome

    @Lilli English me too! Lol... And tying the gems like that looks like a big pain when you could just make your own eye loop. Plus, I'd be concerned that the twisted metal would scratch facial skin and scalp, scratch anyone the person has their head near, not to mention snag other people's clothes if you're short and hug someone.

  • XandraAwesome

    Also i'd suggest 2 pliers (needle nose or flat [or one of each]) because jump rings can be tricky

Calling all brides + bridesmaids! Here is a great DIY for a crystal headpiece.

Kitchen Beautician is back! We've created a little DIY tea tree mask as a little remedy for your scalp! Visit TBD for the full story + tutorial! xo

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Time for a simple DIY with some wheatgrass juice! Visit TBD for a brief snippet about the healing benefits and for the full tutorial!

Calling all pool mermaids! Time to build yourself a post-pool kit! Here are the 5 things you'll need to restore shine and softenss to your hair.

cute idea for a bday... or just a thursday.

Make your bronzer and your "tan" come to life (and much cuter)!

  • Jennifer Deperio

    Bronzer makes you look more tan/warm. I'm guessing the blush will offset the harshness of it and make you look more alive. Killing two birds with one stone AND it looks pretty.

  • Kathryn Dawes

    Thanks Jennifer! That makes sense! :-)

  • Maria Gomez

    Lol lets be honest most people are full time somethings. As a full time teacher you probably have free time on the weekends and all summer. Unless you teach summer school.

  • Chic on a Shoestring ~ Alicia Richmond

    @The Beauty Department Hello, can you help me share a message with women? I've been a wardrobe stylist for 15 years and my experience is that women are way to hard on themselves and I'm trying to change that if I can. Can you please re-pin this quote on this board, or wherever you think best...thanks!

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Combine trend + tradition for a nail art egg hunt with your friends! xo

KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN: Use 4 household ingredients to make the best hand scrub ever… because nobody wants to be that girl with a gorgeous mani and dry, flaky hands. :)

KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN: DIY mega moisture hair mask!

  • ❀ Caro

    I guess is Vitamin E oil, you can buy it in natural or in capsules and squeeze them.

  • Susan Sitz

    All you have to do is click through the link to see the post where it tells you all the specifics for the recipe!

  • Loren

    I always put an overipe avocado in my hair for 2-3 hours then wash my hair n my hair is silky & soft afterwards!

  • Olivia Reynolds

    I've heard some bad things about this treatment and that is can make your hair very stiff and greasy if you dont have the right kind of hair...

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