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Winter dryness? No problem, honey! Click the photo to read all about our 7 fave honey-themed beauty buys.


We absolutely love a good, healthy summer salad! Visit thebeautydepartme... to learn about all the beauty benefits of each ingredient in this dish!

No gimmicks. These are the true tips on how to make your hair grow faster. There's no magic formula!

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don't forget to wash your face EVERY NIGHT!

don't forget to clean your cell phones! they. are. dirty.

look at your hair under a microscope! do you do any of these things that cause damage?


beauty tips for travel


hair loss

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - YOUR LOSS

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  • Wanda Saenz

    Keep calm, stay strong, know who you can lean on and who makes you laugh, fight today's battle - not the whole war and STAY STRONG!


Katie Halchishick – co-founder of Healthy is the New Skinny and the Perfectly Unperfected Project – holds a Barbie doll in the November issue of O. Dotted lines indicate what would have to be cut away in order for her to have Barbie’s body.

  • Christine Vanek

    I have to agree with Meg. Hopefully they are trying to say that with that trying to be Barbie is unhealthy and by showing that other picture, having bad fat on you isn't healthy either.

  • The Makeup Blogger- Beauty Blog

    One of my favorite articles.

  • Dawn Petersen- Richardson

    I am so glad you posted this picture, our poor daughters are getting anorexia in Elementary School by seeing all these Magazines with air brushing and all this non fat and sugar free crap!!!!And seeing Mommy and friends on all sorts of stupid diets!!! Lets just eat what God provided for us and to get some exercise everyday and live Healthy!!!!:) The picture of these woman is absolutely Gorgeous!!!:)

  • Kristina Casey

    No, Barbie's dimensions would not allow her to live-she wouldn't have enough room a decent amount of her organs, such as the intestines. So, she couldn't possibly live.

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fat in lbs. SO NASTY!


these rules are never going to change!

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