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These 2 layered colors are as close as we're going to get to snow in Southern California! Click the photo to get the details on this pretty winter mani!

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - NAILED IT!

for mermaids only.

The New Black The Original Ombre Nail Color Kit at

matchy matchy. violet polishes and violet lemonade on our desk at TBD.

Test runs at TBD. [via Instagram @thebeautydept]

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty.
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Color brings more attention to the toes while nude lets the heels have all the glory and elongates the leg... what do you think?

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how to avoid nail polish bubbles

  • Yvonne Nye

    Good to know since that I just did myy nails today and then a few minutes later I saw bubbles! Thanks for the tip. It was very usefull! :)

  • Kym

    hey yvonne, we have the same last name! it's always nice to meet anther nye :)

  • AussieOnTheIzu

    Some people still don't realize that if you take your old polish off with nail polish remover and try to apply a new colour immediately that the acetone in the remover will cause bubbles. Wash your hands with soap in between colours!

  • Shani Raaff

    Acetone doesn't cause bubbles, oils do! Most nail polish removers have oils in them which can cause air bubbles but using PURE acetone dehydrates the nail so there is no oil left.

Here are our FAVORITE spring selects. Get your kits prepped with these colors for our upcoming nail tutorials! xo

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love this for a spring nail color (banana bandana by OPI)

Blog-super - Hallelu
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couldn't be more obsessed with the coral and turquoise combo!

{a glamorous little side project}

do you get gel nails?

  • Deanna Papac Hoppe

    Thanks Pippa!!!! Good to know!!!

  • Stephanie Henderson

    I LOVE the way they look but try to save them for important events because of the damage they do

  • Andrea Elkins

    GOt a gel mani once and it ruined my natural nails. Had to wait 6 weeks for them to grow out.

  • Priti Kat

    Get a Calgel manicure if you're going to get one. Got Calgel for the first, and OPI for the second -- nails were fine the first time, but this time are peeling and cracking. No bueno!

  • Wanda Rey

    Love this color of polish WERE CAN I GET THIS POLISH IN GOLD? CAN ANYONE TELL ME ???

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the half moon manicure

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - NAILED IT!
  • Evi Binoir

    Are the round cirkel stickers something special that you buy at a shop? Are you can take what you want?

  • Heather Pagone

    You can get these at most stores. Look by the paper and pens section.

  • Brittany Schultz

    They are called "reinforcements" they are for when a hole in a 3 whole punched paper rips, you put the reinforcement over the rip so the paper can still stay in the binder or whatever, found at drug stores or office depot etc.

  • Evi Binoir

    Thank you Heather and Brittany for the info. :-)

  • Maggie Lamarre

    this is so kewl :)

mixed metals (metallic nail tutorial)

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - NAILED IT!
  • Valerie Yvonne

    You have to make sure they're completely dry. Sometimes I wait a full day before doing another color but im sure there are faster ways.

  • Anna Lilly

    Also, if you're working with especially sticky tape, sticking it on your hand and pulling it off a couple times helps reduce the stickiness so it will come off easier. It still holds a line, but it won't pull off the base coat as long as it's dry to the touch.

  • Janie Smith

    The blue/green painters tape works great. You can gt it at any home store... It has a much less sticky adhesive on it.

  • Mallory Meeks

    i just used tape today and the first one ripped the polish off cause i pulled really fast like a bandaid haha. the ones after that i pulled the tape realllyyyy slow and it worked fine!!(:

  • Samantha Lynn

    I use tape for nail art a lot. I actually use the old version of scotch tape, not the shiny version but the dull one. Also paint used for home improvement should work well because its designed specifically to not remove paint

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The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - NAILED IT!
  • Heather Morgan

    This is also pinned incorrectly. You may want to re-check all your pins as this is the 2nd one (and I haven't clicked on that many) that was pinned wrong. (BUT I LOVE YOUR SITE!)

  • Andrea

    I cannot find this tutorial on your site - pls re-check your pin

what's your favorite nail shape? square? oval? squ-oval? or pointy?

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gold nail covers by dashing diva

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