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Adult Humor

This is adult humor, 18+ yrs. older please.

Thing that make go- Uhmmm #BlueIvy #Drake #Maury

Found on facebook page scontent-b-lga.xx... Now what if somebody wanted to "smoke her"?

Diy wizard staff drinking game (no driving after playing game plz.)

Every Time I See A Young Chick With An Old Dude.

Not sure I would put this on my baby even since it is true. Lol

funny blonde little girl creepy face

Top 11 Funniest Super Bowl Memes

I just laughed so hard

I didn't conider the cost of car repair.

This is my perfect image.

This bleached blonde hangs out at the local legion and can pound back 5 beer in a row and smoke a pack of camels in an hour. She's also a bingo star!

That has got to be the worst hairstyle ever.

When click on page it has comments for the 12 days of Christmas.

YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS ONE. IT IS SO GOOD Great prank at the barber. You can het a heart attack on prank like this.