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Dark Night Dress | SABO SKIRT

Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas with Avocado and Pepper Jack Cheese

Munchkin Inflatable Safety Tub

  • Annette

    Too Cute!

  • Jesse Nisson

    cute but why? you don't leave babies unattended in a bathtub .

  • Lori Patch

    A friend gave me this and it works great for my 6 month old. I obviously don't leave her unattended in the tub, but she can sit up and play with her toys without me holding her the whole time. The important part is that if she falls over, she hits the duck and not the side of the tub.

  • Gail Doole

    safety doesn't have to go out of the window just because we like something fun.

  • Karen Campbell

    The one we had also had a water temperature gauge.

just keep swimming

Make Your Own Glitter

QUICK way to get your teeth white. Nite White. You can get it on Ebay or Amazon for around $12. You will need a retainer (I use my retainers I got when I got my braces taken off). If you don't have one, use a sports guard or you can buy one online (ebay). I'll put it this way...Crest white strips have about 2% of the stuff that actually whitens your teeth...this stuff has up to 22%. there's different ones you can buy. They come in syringes, usually a pack of 4. you're welcome :) ps. don't leave it in for longer than 30 will causes blisters on roof of mouth or sensitivity. That's how strong this stuff is!

...get a bowl of water, pour little bits of all the different shades you want, it should float on the top, swirl with a toothpick or something like it and when it looks like you want on top of the water, then dip your nails through the water...probably the coolest thing ever!!