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Kelley - photo booth idea? Can also be used for a backdrop, maybe not this exact scene but you get the gist.

I WANT THESE as party favors!!! AAGGHH!! SO CUTE!

Cute picture set up/inspiration for when we shoot the party

This lady hand wrote the invitations and added some flair. We can totally do this - we just need brown card stock, a white marker, and something for decoration. Cute, cheap, simple.

LOOK AT THE STRAWBERRY! picnic basket filled with homemade strawberry jam for favors

Every little detail has to be CUTE!

Cute picnic baskets. Could be cute?!

A cute picnic basket as a prop with flowers!

We can buy yummy chips and put them in bags with labels. SO CUTE!

For a friend's picnic birthday party -- instead of using a normal gift bag, I purchased a small picnic basket as the "gift bag", then lined it with a colorful fabric napkin, and tucked her birthday present inside, surrounded by picnic goodies (small bottle of wine, cookies, and a bouquet of daffodils)!!!

I really like polka dots for this one, what do you think?

Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe ....

Rosemary Goat Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes

blue and gold agate coasters - sorry, just had to do one more

aqua agate - Google Search this is gorgeous for Tropical Glam feel. GORGEOUS!

I like flowers on the ladders. I also like the idea of hanging white ceramic flower pots from a few steps. Like the flower pots from West Elm.

Marble Paper-Backed Bookshelves by Decor Adventures I am LOVING the marbled look. Could be a cool backdrop element, used for paper items, vases, etc. Really cool.

RabLabs Kiva Serving Platters - Rose Quartz/Silver I love the idea of using quartz (and other gemstones) as serving platters or to use as a base for some jars/vases.

Really like the coffee table!!

Brown Butter Spaghetti with Baby Kale and Roasted Butternut Squash