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Cars, Bikes, GEAR...

Just stuff I love or think is just a bit kickass. I'm a backpack kind of chica at heart.

In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes

tents that zip together It's like a camping fort. So cool!

Camping gear Hennessy Hammock, better than a tent

Tent hammock! best camping ever... Such a good idea!!

Camping Gear in a bottle - See More at


The Cave - Wind Test. “The Cave” is the name of the first inflatable tent from HEIMPLANET. All it takes is a single turn of the hand and less than a minute for your tent to be standing: extremely stable, weatherproof and made from high-quality materials. For everyone who loves traveling and simplicity! Simply unroll, pump up – and welcome home! We arranged this wind test to ensure stability even in worst conditions. The wind machine produces wind speed up to 9 on the Beaufort scale. ( 75–88 km/h) or (47–54 mph) More under:

Camping Gear | Tentsile: Tense, not nervous | Busyboo

Camping Gear - Tentsile: Tense, not nervous - Busyboo

Orange Power Wellies, they are thermoelectric rubber boots that charge your cell phone using heat from your feet. PERFECT!