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Happy or sad? Let the music tell! Thank you Tasha, thats the truth too

Make it happen.

Bow and arrow tattoo. - an arrow needs to be pulled back in order to launch into something. so even when life pulls you back, it's only so you can be launched into something great

Original watercolor Painting - Three Blue Bird Feathers on Etsy, $35.00

Saggitarius - Ekaterina Koroleva even though I'm not a saggitarius, I love this drawing with the watercolor in the back - so beautiful

arrow tattoos - Google Search

Best Sagittarius Tattoos – Our Top 10. Not a Sagittarius, but still love these arrow tattoos

God this is SO true! Only my wife has understood this. That's how I know she's the one.

Yes. It's true. I only sacrifice myself for 1. a good cause 2. people I truly love.

Yeah. I never see it coming either - my flaring up i.e. It's usually rare. And quick. And bloody :P.

Sagittarius - perpetual optimists

ZODIAC SAGITTARIUS FACTS - Dont be surprised if a Sagittarius doesnt return your call or text you back. They suck at this.

Sagittarius fact from ZodiacChic.

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Yea, I'm definitely part Sagittarius...

And it is usually something extremely minor that finally sets me off...the "straw that breaks the camel's back."

They might not be the most diplomatic people on Earth but they will simply tell you the plain and honest truth.

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