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Faith in History

Just in time for July 4th! Faith in History DVD 4pack celebrating the top moments of the TCT exclusive program!

Faith in History, Question of the Day: How Many People in the US believe in God? Watch this short clip to find out. To find local listings in your area or to learn more about The TCT Network visit For EXCLUSIVE content and info about upcoming specials, Network guests, behind-the-scenes news, and featured programs follow TCT on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GodTube and YouTube channels!

Learn more about James Warrens Helvitius Priscus essays submitted to the Independent Chronicle in which he criticized the Constitutional Convention in this Faith in History clip. Bill Federer also discusses Warrens reference of the Lycian League (independent city-states of Greece ruled by Alexander the Greats father, Phillip of Macedon). ...

TCT Network clip: Faith in History host William Federer discusses James Warren and his wife Mercy Otis Warren. Learn more about this program and other TCT programs at

Faith in History – James & Mercy Otis Warren

WATCH: This Faith in History clip where TCT host @American_Minute William Federer discusses: The British Stamp Act, 1765 Charles Townshend and the Townshend Acts, 1767 Committees of Correspondence, James Warren and Sam Adams The Boston Massacre, 1770 The Boston Tea Party, 1773 British Retaliation, 1774 Dr. Joseph Warren, Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775 Tune in to the TCT N...

Learn the answers you seek to various questions about faith as it related to American History. Weekdays at 6:30pm ET on @TCT Network

During this half-hour program, learn the answers you seek to various questions about faith as it relates to American history.