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Video to teach Partial Quotients Division

Partial Quotient Method - Division

Math Coach's Corner: Exploring Numbers to 120--Concrete, Representational, and Abstract. Students should have concrete experience decomposing numbers larger than one hundred in different ways. This free math workstation takes students through the CRA stages of learning.

math centers for guided math

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Math Centers on Day 6!

Triangle Vocabulary Cards from Common Core and More! on - (8 pages) - This is a set of 8 triangle vocabulary cards that you can use with your students when teaching math and geometry. I created them to look like trading cards and my students LOVE using them.

Triangle Vocabulary Cards |

FREE! Get your students into the fun side of learning. They will love the cutting and folding of these 3D shapes - cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, square b...

Free Nets of 3D Shapes

All twelve Number of the Day units on sale now! From Mrs Balius's First Grade

Number of the Day {The Whole Year!} Bundle

Welcome to the Regrouping Neighborhood! Addition With Regrouping (Power Point) This is a huge Power Point lesson designed to teach the new First Grade Common Core Standard: Understand that in adding two-digit numbers, one adds tens and tens, ones and ones; and sometimes it is necessary to compose a ten. $

Area and Perimeter SMART BOARD Game! Have fun in outer space while practicing area and perimeter of rectangular shapes! (Common Core Aligned: 4.MD.3) $

PRINT AND GO! SPRING GARDEN MATH AND LITERACY - Save your ink and time! Cute sheets that review lots of skills perfect for spring and garden themes! $

Question and Answer board - give students the answer and they have to write a word problem that matches the answer. You can have students do any operation or even 2 step problems. I have my students check each other's questions the next day.

FREE! 120 charts to enhance your Common Core Math place value activities. The chart is included in 5 different number fonts. Enjoy!

Partner flash card game: One student competes the equation with a magnetic number while the other student checks his/her work with unifix cubes. (Blog post includes various ideas for working with flashcards in a conceptual manner.)

Color-by-Rounding Fall Fun pictures for understanding place value. The kitty on the pumpkin has clues that require rounding to the nearest 10 and the puppy playing in the autumn leaves is for rounding to the nearest 100. Great for CCSS 3.NBT.A.1

Mean, median, mode, range (30 Posters) 30 Beautiful and colorful posters. I posted these posters in my classroom, and my students found the expla...

Mean, median, mode, range, line plot, and Box and whisker Worksheet 3 word problems * AlSO AVAILABLE FOR YOU OR A COLLEAGUE! - CLICK ANY LINK YOU...

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Important Graphics to Help Parents Teach Their Kids

PRACTICE FACTS AT HOME WITH YOUR CHILDREN! May The Facts Be With You ~ Color By The Code Math Puzzle Printables! Use the children's love of Star Wars to practice basic addition and subtraction math facts as well as odd and even number recognition. This set includes 6 math puzzles: ~Set also includes 6 answer keys. $

Double Digit Multiplication made easy-NOW I REALLY LOVE YOU MATH GUY!