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Fa La La La Fractions - Common Core Christmas Center from Mrs. Carr's 4th Grade Adventures on (10 pages) - This math center/game covers the following common core standards for 4th grade: ?MCC4.NF.1 – Explain why a fraction a/b is equivalent to another fraction and create equivalent fractions. ?MCC4.NF.2 – Compare two fractions with different numerators and d

Are you need for an easy (no prep) math activity? Have your students sample the dreaded traditional fruitcake. ( I actually love the stuff...Yummy!) Then have your students survey their friends to see who likes fruitcake. Be sure to watch that no has allergies to the ingredients such as nuts! Have a great holiday!

FREE Synonym-Antonym Matchup (Countdown to Christmas - Day 20) from 3rd Grade Gridiron on (7 pages) - This 7-page activity is a great way to help your kids practice synonyms and antonyms. The kids will match each synonym to its correct antonym.

Teachers Notebook

FREE Christmas Tree Color Word Matching from Relax With A Great Book on (7 pages) - Color Word Matching Activity

Christmas Tree Color Word Matching |

FREE Common Core Counting/Skip Counting Leveled Christmas Number Puzzler-6 Total from The Barefoot Teacher on (8 pages) - Christmas themed counting and skip counting puzzles.

FREE Christmas Theme Australian Number Cards from Preschool Printables on (13 pages) - Christmas Theme Australian Number Cards 1-50

Would You Rather - Christmas Style from TheSpeechPath on (23 pages) - Would You Rather: Christmas style questions for speech language therapy

No Need for Naughty Lists from Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids on (40 pages) - It’s just hard to wrap our brains around the fact that we can get kids to behave better without punishing them. But, I know it is true from years of clinical work, and parenting my own kids. In fact, I know that teaching new skills actually helps kids

FREE TLC Christmas Picture Cards from The T.L.C. Shop on (1 page) - 12 cute holidays multipurpose picture cards created by The T.L.C. Shop.

Gingerbread Man I Have...Who Has...Alphabet Game Cards - 27 cards total from The Barefoot Teacher on (27 pages) - Gingerbread, gingerbread man, alphabet, I Have Who Has, letters,

Holidays / Christmas Around the World Unit and Mini Books from Education to the Core on (77 pages) - A comprehensive unit to celebrate Christmas/Holidays around the world! This unit comes with 9 mini-books packed with information about each country.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions at the North Pole!: Word Problem Cards from AlwaysLearning on (9 pages) - Students will enjoy solving fraction problems with these fun holiday-themed cards!

FREE First Grade Site Word Cards from Preschool Printables on (12 pages) - Site Word Cards for First Grade

The Preschool Printables shop on

FREE Gingerbread House - Roll, Spin, and Cover Games from Sweet Integrations...With a Taste of Technology on (10 pages) - FREE: FUN HOLIDAY FREEBIE During the holiday season, students will enjoy playing these fun games. I've provided a variety of games for differentiation. - Spin and cover candy on the gingerbread house - Roll, count and cover circles on the gingerbrea

Gingerbread Cut-and-Glue Math and Literacy for First Grade from TeacherTam on (30 pages) - This resource contains 30 pages of cut-and-glue math and literacy activities. The pages focus on addition, long vowel word families, blends and digraphs, subtraction, sight words, constructing and writing sentences, and more! Every page has a gingerbread

Gingerbread Cut-and-Glue Math and Literacy for First Grade |

Christmas Around the World Writing Centers from TheWriteStuff on (26 pages) - Christmas Around the World Writing Centers

Christmas Trivia Card Game from Ann Dickerson on (19 pages) - Christmas Trivia Card Game: This is a colorful Christmas trivia card game for 2-8 players. Questions revolve around Christmas carols, stories, traditions, and seasonal shows. Fun for all ages with questions ranging from easy to difficult.

Continue Learning: It’s Christmas Time from RFTS Preschool on (37 pages) - Continue Learning: It’s Christmas Time 37 pages Why not begin your holiday break with a fun way to review our alphabet letters, numbers and shapes. Enjoy these Cut-n-Paste activities. This learning pack includes · A to Z letters · 1 t

Colors of Christmas Booklet from RFTS Preschool on (10 pages) - Colors of Christmas Booklet 10 pages This is a cute Christmas coloring book for your pre-kindergarten crowd or those children who may need a fun color review project. Booklet includes 9 color pages. Can be folded and made into a booklet – per student.

Christmas Memory from RFTS Preschool on (22 pages) - CHRISTMAS MEMORY 22 Pages This is a fun holiday themed memory card game. Each player tries to collect the most number of matched sets. The child with the most sets is declared the WINNER. Enjoy and have fun!