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Multi-Match Game Cards 8E: Understanding Integer Exponents from K-8 MathPaths on - (10 pages) - This FREE set of printable Multi-Match game cards helps students simplify expressions with negative integer exponents. This set aligns with CCSS 8.EE.1.

Multi-Match Game Cards 8E: Understanding Integer Exponents |

Fraction, Decimal, Percents Chart from Teaching With Heart In Texas on - (1 page) - Fraction, Decimal, Percents Chart

Fraction, Decimal, Percents Chart |

Multi-Match Game Cards 6G: Understanding Area of a Triangle from K-8 MathPaths on - (10 pages) - This FREE set of printable Multi-Match game cards helps students understand how the areas of triangles and rectangles are related. This set aligns with CCSS 6.G.1.

Multi-Match Game Cards 6G: Understanding Area of a Triangle |

NATURAL DISASTERS: Wild Fire Vocabulary Worksheet from Skool Aid Products on - (2 pages) - This worksheet is designed to be used as an aid when students are taking notes from the Wild Fire Vocabulary Terms PowerPoint Presentation.

NATURAL DISASTERS: Wild Fire Vocabulary Worksheet |

Sixth Grade First Week Newspaper from The Big Brain Emporium on - (1 page) - This printable is a quick and easy "getting to know you" activity. Students fill in the sections of the newspaper about themselves. I display these for our Back-to-School Night.

Sixth Grade First Week Newspaper | Teachers Notebook
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    I need to change for third grade and save as keepsake for the end of year.

Metals: A Thematic Notebooking Unit from In the Hands of a Child on - (42 pages) - Metals: A Thematic Notebooking Unit, 42 page eBook with research guide and reproducible notebooking pages.

Teachers Notebook

Parallel, Perpendicular, or Neither? Algebra Activity from The Math Lab on - (3 pages) - Try out this activity in your Algebra courses. It can be used after an initial introduction to parallel and perpendicular lines or as test review. Included in the activity are 18 cards of systems of equations and graphs for teachers to assess their studen

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Grade 6 FREE “I Can” Leaflet of Goals for Common Core Math from K-8 MathPaths on - (2 pages) - This leaflet lists 62 clear goals to meet Grade 6 Common Core math, written as “I can” statements. These are great to hand out to parents so they can see the year's math topics.

Teachers Notebook

Paper Football Math Activity: Ratio & Proportions with STEM Career Connection from Vivify on - (14 pages) - Students learn how their favorite sports calculate common statistics like batting average or throwing accuracy. Students then play a game of paper football to find their own field goal accuracy!

Teachers Notebook

Operations With Integers Poster / Anchor Chart from Tales of a Traveling Teacher on - (2 pages) - This is a quick, small poster that I made for my middle school students who were still struggling with the rules for solving problems with integers. They were especially struggling with keeping the two sets separate in their heads, wanting to use the mu

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Science and Engineering STEM Critical Thinking Challenges from Vivify on - (8 pages) - The packet includes 4 critical thinking challenges centered on STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This is the perfect way to introduce STEM into your classroom!

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7th Grade Math CCSS Posters from Caught in the Middle on - (81 pages)

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Common Core Practice Assessments ELA Grade 6 PACCS (Preview) from Sensible Solutions on - (41 pages) - 6th Grade Common Core assessments are now downloadable. Pre-test and Post-test assessments for the Common Core standards give you a comprehensive assessment of where your studenst skill levels are. Built for the CCSS. Common Core Practice Assessments Gr 6

Research 101: Ready, Set, Research! from EdTechTeacher on - (39 pages) - Research 101: Ready, Set, Research! includes a 39 slide powerpoint that serves as a modern, interactive introduction to student research. The presentation focuses on showing students how to select the best resources, access the results they need using dif

FREE Probability Math Centres/Centers from Bayside Math Teacher on - (9 pages)

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Figurative Language Bookmarks from on - (3 pages) - These figurative language bookmarks will make a handy reference tool for students while reading all sorts of literature!

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Pre-Algebra Worksheet 1 - Whole Number Place Value from on - (4 pages) - This is the first worksheet in the Pre-Algebra series. It covers place value in whole numbers generally and the meaning of zeros at the beginning of whole numbers.

17 Reading Response Activities from Ginger'sKIds on - (12 pages) - Within the 17 activities presented in these materials, you can find an activity to use with any book. Because materials can be adapted to each student's ability, the activities are perfect for Inclusion and Special Education students.

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Graph Paper from DawnMBrown on - (1 page) - Twelve small grids from -10 to 10 in the x- and y-axis

Addition and Subtraction Inequalities Scavenger Hunt from Teacher Twins on - (21 pages) - This is a scavenger hunt. There are 15 one step addition and subtraction equations with whole numbers.

Teachers Notebook

Slope Poster: 4 Types of Slope from Scaffolded Math and Science on - (2 pages) - Easily slipped into a binder or notebook for reference, this poster shows the 4 different types of slope (positive, negative, zero and undefined). The last page of the download includes a set of directions to enlarge the file into a large, classroom-sized

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Safe Cracker - Area of Parallelograms and Triangles - Math Fun! from Mathematic Fanatic on - (4 pages) - Use your safe cracking skills to unlock the safe and gain the rewards waiting inside! These problems will get your students excited about finding the area of parallelograms and triangles.

Ratio Scavenger Hunt from Mathematic Fanatic on - (2 pages) - Get your kids active and excited about ratios with the Ratio Scavenger Hunt!

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Essay Writing Quiz from LitTeacherNadine on - (5 pages) - Three pages of multiple choice and brief answer questions on the different kinds of essays (persuasive, explanatory, compare and contrast), essay terminology (thesis, topic sentence, refuting objections), essay structure (intro, body, conclusion) and tran

Essay Writing Quiz | Teachers Notebook

Bookmarks Plus: The Outsiders edition--A Handy Little Reading Aid! from Word-wise Educational Products/Pegi Rose on - (4 pages) - BOOKMARKS PLUS� are handy comprehension tools for literature: fiction, nonfiction, and plays. They provide information about the author, characters, setting, and themes, as well as a list of defined vocabulary words.

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