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bestest boy evah stuff

All about the bestest boy evah! (barking and housebreaking accidents notwithstanding)

Barron Potter Pooré

there are no two ways about it

why does the sun get to have my pillow?

dang --- if she's asleep, why can't i play?

hanging with aunt marsha!

one of the happiest days ever --- when barron was returned to us!

baby barron with a toy

what do you mean, i can't drive?

Am I?

he loves his beaver toy!

i love to play games!

giving chi kisses!

i'm ready to go!

barron posing while sitting on BB

barron and BB

he loves his orange blankie!

too cute for words!

barron and the mr just chillin'

my boy!

napping with Minnie

if all students would be as attentive as Barron!

barron is a studious boy!