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Student Rewards

Recognize deserving students with these motivators, incentives, rewards, awards, and certificates. This board includes behavior management ideas for your classroom.

Recognize effort and progress. These Good News Notes are a special education freebie. Send home these behavior notes to recognize a skill or behavior a student is working on.

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  • Julie Velez

    Quick and effective way to send a praise note home my student.

Create Your Own Award with Vocabulary! A fun and uplifting activity that aligns with the Common Core Standards! #edchat #engchat #Vocabulary #lessonplan #CCSS #commoncore #ELA #Writing

Vocabulary Activity: Create Your Own Award with Vocabulary

Super Bowl? How about a Behavior Bowl? All students can participate

Football Behavior Program

Happy Notes Freebie From TEACH123 - If you find more of your day spent resolving conflicts than teaching then it's time to break out the happy notes. It sounds counterintuitive, but I've seen it change the attitude of my students year after year so I know it works. For a small investment of time, you can have a positive climate in your classroom.

Happy Notes for You

Free "Terrific Tickets" for a Class Raffle! -- Behavior incentives for the end-of-the-school year or year-round.

Fluttering Through First Grade

Reward students for outstanding work with this Star Performer certificate. You can type the student's name on the certificate before printing it.

Easily adaptable for your classroom -- reward students with things they get to do instead of things they get to have. Write a reward on each ball. Have a deserving student reach in to the container to grab a ball, revealing their reward.

Too cute! As a class incentive: whenever the class does something that gives the teacher a "warm fuzzy" add a craft pom to the basket. After filling the basket with a set number (10) of poms ahem... warm fuzzies, the class gets a reward.

Nice notes to send home with students. This freebie includes 7 different themes and 28 different notes in all! One complete set focuses on passing reading stories and one complete set can be used to celebrate any success or goal!

FREE! Nice Notes! Positive Notes for Students!

The class compliment chain. This is a way to reward the whole class for compliments they receive from other teachers (walking in the halls, when teachers come by my room to ask a question, at lunch...)

Just Add Clipart: My Room Has Been Blog-ified
  • Carolina Figueroa

    I've done this! It totally works! Once the chain reaches a certain place the students can have a compliment party, and they choose the theme!