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4th Grade Common Core

Welcome to the 4th Grade Common Core Pinterest page! We hope you find valuable resources to help support the new Common Core Curriculum standards. **Note to Collaborative Pinners* Please make sure to not pin the same product multiple times on multiple boards in the same day. It crowds the Pinterest feed of followers. To keep our followers please try to pin a mixture of free products, blog posts, and paid products. Remember this is a collaborative board. :) Thanks so much.... ~Pam

Understanding Suffixes Video- This is pretty funny! Most appropriate for grades 4 and up

Suffixes Flipbook- For each suffix, students break down words on one page, and build words on the next page. $

16 FREE task cards focusing on prefixes (un, re, pre, mis, & dis) and suffixes (-er, -est, -ful, -less, -able, & -er)

Prefixes and Suffixes Anchor Chart for Anchors Away Monday {FREE TASK CARDS!} by Crafting Connections!

FREE Context Clues Interactive Notebook Lesson!

Read about 3 Meaningful Ways to use Technology in the Classroom! FREE Resources included!

This is a step-by-step powerpoint designed to introduce the 5 types of context clues to students (synonym, antonym, definition, example, inference). Each type of context clue is presented on its own slide, and contains a definition, and an example sentence. It ends with 14 practice questions written in a multiple choice format.

Anchors Away Monday {9.8.2014} Context Clues (FREEBIE included!) by Crafting Connections!

Context Clues Anchor Chart (FREEBIE included!) for Anchors Away Monday

Our level of questioning in the classroom is essential to great teaching! As my students learned about the States of Matter, I wanted questions tha...

4th Grade Common Core Lesson Plan Template with drop-down boxes. You can even customize the lesson plan format! All grade levels available

36 Weeks of Differentiated Multi-Step Math Word Problems with Graphic Organizer to support students in solving and explaining problems. Aligned to Common Core Standards for 4th. Save $2.50 by buying a bundle instead of purchasing each set separately.

By request...3 of my best selling, hands on, critical thinking, deep understanding fraction resources now bundled together at a discounted price! Everything you need to teach fractions in a meaningful way. Check it out...this is NOT your typical set of fraction resources! $

Exciting News! A Brand New Blog! Come check out the details on this brand new collaborative blog geared for upper elementary teachers...and I'm one of the collaborators! You won't want to miss our kick off giveaway!

Check out our "Me as a Reader" was a great way to wrap up our discussions about all that it takes to be a good reader...and to let us each set a small, personal goal.

I am SO EXCITED about this new has been in my mind for months and I have been furiously working on it for weeks. I believe SO strongly that we, as teachers, need to explicitly teach our intermediate students how to tackle challenging problems and how to develop the math behaviors to be successful. Filled with teaching tips, photos, and 24 high quality problems to get things moving in YOUR classroom! Check out the preview for details!

Fourth grade activities for introducing similes and metaphors! Lots of fun ideas!

Teaching Point of View (blog post from Teaching with a Mountain View).

Point of View Demonstration Lesson FREE!! Use a role play along with writing to teach the subtle differences between 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient!

Blog post about Teaching Points of View through Role Play (FREE lesson to download!)

Giving away this fabulous easel! C'mon over and see how YOU could win!