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Kindergarten Common Core

Welcome to the Kindergarten Common Core Pinterest page! We hope you find valuable resources to help support the new Common Core Curriculum standards. **Note to Collaborative Pinners* Please make sure to not pin the same product multiple times on multiple boards in the same day. It crowds the Pinterest feed of followers. To keep our followers please try to pin a mixture of free products, blog posts, and paid products. Remember this is a collaborative board. :) Thanks so much.... ~Pam

Mrs. Plant Press: All About Insects

This is the perfect way to strengthen your students' writing skills. Students are assigned three journal entries per week, three weeks per month. There are ten months worth of assignments, plus four seasonal assignments and 3 extra assignments. This is a year's worth of work. $

#Freebie Friday ~ Vowel Sorting Short o & Long o Interactive Notebook Activity! #TPT #TeachersFollowTeachers www.FernSmithsCla...

Assessing has never been this easy or FUN!

Cut a file folder into strips. The shorter the attention span, the smaller you will cut the strips. I cut this one into 3 parts. Students open 1 flap at a time and always begin at the top and work their way down. Students complete the work that they can see when a flap is open.

Morning Message: Year Bundle - Kindergarten: Save time and review skills with these morning messages. These work great for emergency sub plans or those days when you get pulled from class for last minute meetings. Paid

This packet has posters to display "I Can" statements for the Math Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. The "I Can" Statements are written in kid-friendly language, while still maintaining the rigor of the standard. The cards are illustrated to help students understand each standard. They are also color-coded by domain. The domain and standard are written in a small font on each poster to help you stay organized.

Guided Reading Set up-Explains all the components of reading block.

Kindergarten: Guided Reading - - Step by Step...I love this! Since I do Journeys, I follow a similar plan but her ideas are so much more engaging and creative. This is my favorite teaching blog!!

One to one correspondence in reading...Little Minds at Work: Kindergarten Guided Reading/Daily 5 Block! All in one post!

Popcorn Words... Easy and fun! Write sight words on piece of paper, crumple up and put into popcorn container. Child picks a piece, reads it & writes it! Check out the blog post for a FREE recording sheet.

Word wall center children read the word to a partner, then build the word with the magnet letters. This is made with a large oil drip pan from an auto parts store:)

Sight Words Cup Stacking... When a child’s turn come, they must read the number or sight word. If they read it correctly, they can stack it. If not, the next child gets a chance to read it and stack it. Each game has a number grid or sight word list to help out if they get stuck.

Sight Words with snap cubes....that's what we can use those things for!!! Word work and fine motor skills!

I always had the worst handwriting growing up, I even remember my dad telling me if I didn't get better he was gonna ground me. But after a lot of practice I finally can write readable and not have to re read things I wrote myself.

Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten - - A great reading center activity for sight words!

Mrs. Bremer's Class: Pete the Cat!

Shape Sorting Activities for #Children via Minne Mama (pinned by Super Simple Songs) #educational #resources

Looking for a fun way to build on math skills? This activity can help you get Crackin'!

Original pinner wrote: Sorting & Subitising with Egg Cartons. Playful Maths from Learn with Play at home (Subitising/Subitizing is an important skill. I explain what it means in the post)

Counting & Make 10 with Egg Cartons. (Part of a new Playful Maths series coming up) from Learn with Play at home

the stay-at-home-mom survival guide has a great idea for counting and eggs - Easter activity, spring activity, farm activity

Monster Letters$- build letter fluency with Monster Letters-roll the monster dice and read that row-Great for Lit Centers and RTI Groups- student tracking sheets included