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popsicle stick art project from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Popsicle Stick Art – Trace ‘Em!

Kandinsky Inspired: TEACHER CREATED: Landscape

Kandinsky Inspired: TEACHER CREATED: Landscape

artist who makes paper sculpture...end of the year scrap project

Melanie Rothschild

Beautiful Power Point Art Lesson Plan that is ready to go! Create beautiful toucan paintings.

Henri Rousseau Toucan Resist

Minecraft Selfies - 5th grade ...could make these from paper then transfer to cross-stitch!

DREAM DRAW CREATE Art Lessons for Children: Totem Poles I love totem poles! Made a paper mâché one out of a big coffee can when I was in elementary school. Sure wish my mom saved it! :/

DREAM DRAW CREATE: Totem Poles Grades 7 & 8

popsicle sticks art project from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Popsicle Stick Art – Trace ‘Em!

The Kreative Klassroom: Birds

The Kreative Klassroom: Birds

combine radial symmetry names with metal embossing

Kids Artists: letters and figures

tissue paper art

4th grade acrylic seascape painting; 11" X 14"; art teacher: Susan Joe

Teach your students about Pop art and Romero Britto all at the same time---this lesson was published in Arts & Activities in January 2012

Pop Art Romero Britto

I love this. It is so beautiful. It makes me feel brave enough to dig out the chalk pastels in class.

Princess Artypants: Visual Arts in the PYP: Pastel Sea Turtles

Thomas Elementary Art- Totum project

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Leah2142

Artwork published by Leah2142

Hastings Elementary in Duncaville, TX Mrs. Marks Art Program: Line Sculpture-The students used construction paper, pencil, black Sharpie, rulers, 6x6 pieces of white posterboard, and examples of thick straight line, thin straight line, zig-zag line, curved line, and dotted line to create a 3D Line Sculpture.

Koinobori Kites Children's Day, Kodomo no hi (子供の日), takes place on May 5th in Japan. It is the last day of Golden Week, a week in which businesses usually close for up to 9–10 days. It became a national holiday in 1948, but it has been a day of celebration in Japan since ancient times.

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: 5th Grade