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▶ Artist: Peter Max Interview - YouTube

Artist Romero Britto discusses his work and his books teaching pop art lesson

Mixed Media Monday with Tracy Weinzapfel 6/2/14 - "Art is"

▶ Perspective Art Lesson - How To Draw People In Perspective - Stick Figure Drawing In Perspective - YouTube

Learning about the pyramids with legos - a video, but a great idea for an activity to do with the boys'

GoNoodle...Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom. Our class BEGS for this multiple times each day! We make them a deal...Quiet, focused workers get to Go Noodle! #workseverytime #classmanagement

Cute and short video about Frida's life

Mr E Racer : on Creativity : The ARTS : Elementary art artshow presentation

▶ Chinese New Year Story Great Cartoon Video for Little Kids Story time Kids - YouTube

Funny way to explain that complementary colors look good together.

20 Brain Break clips from Teach.Train.Love (Best part- She put them through a student-friendly filter so no images or text will pop up like they do on YouTube!)

20 Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting! |

Good end of the day/brain break video

Having a bad day? Solution: minion banana song! PO-TAY-TO!

My 5th Graders BEG for this Indoor Recess Dance Party! Here's a great kid-friendly playlist of videos to popular music. Your kids will get up and get tons of physical activity while having fun!