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Who invented the Color Wheel? Video Perfect for elementary

25+ hands on way to explore color theory - fun science for kids!

Exploring Color Theory ~ Learn Play Imagine

color worksht 5th grade

Color worksheet for 5th graders

Color Wheel project @ YEStudio.

Easy Color Wheel Handout

Search Result: Color wheel -

Color wheel chart! Warm, Cool, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Mouse Paint Color Wheel. So cute and I literally just did that lesson before I saw this!

Color Theory Lesson Plans | COLOR THEORY WORKSHEET Name

color mixing chart {free download}

Lilliput Station: Five Free Downloads {5 Fab Freebies Friday}

Color Mixing Discovery Bottles Shake them over and over to combine the colors and watch them separate again and again!

Super cute paint palette printables: handy tool for learning the color wheel

Mix And Match Your Colors - Color Song For Children

Calder color study using primary colored watercolor crayons to mix secondary colors.

Color Theory Book- Great Idea First Graders are working hard on their color theory books. One day we discussed the Cool Colors: Blue, Green, and Violet. Students created cool color paintings using those three colors.

Create a color wheel with leaf rubbings.

Fall leaf texture rubbings: Exploring color theory