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Deborah @ Teach Preschool

Deborah @ Teach Preschool

Deborah J. Stewart: Sharing the wonders of early learning in action! (Boards are sorted by theme and in ABC order for easier searching)

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Alphabet Skeleton Bones

  • Meghan Fitzgerald

    Literacy is packed full of the purpose to communicate. How is this connected to literacy?

  • Steph Gillan

    fine motor and letter recognition

  • Meghan Fitzgerald

    Purposeful activities are important to children. In this case, a purpose likened to how an adult would interact with letters, is a better choice. We use letters to communicate. Children should, by sharing the pen with a teacher, parent or peer, use letters to communication. Adults need to move children beyond copying and matching activities. If you were doing a pre-k "bones" study, then children should write about bones as they feel the need to write and writing might be drawing a picture.

Fun ways to explore with popsicle sticks!