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Bruce Lee interview - 1965

Bruce Lee with his parents- father, Lee-Hoi Chuen, and mother, Grace Oh

The Stick Chick: KIAAAA-HA! New Discoveries and Old Favorites. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee quotes galore

Bruce Lee (1966) by MsBlueSky: "My dad said time was the most valuable thing a person had." - Brandon Lee From Life's "Legends". #Bruce_Lee #Brandon_Lee

A compilation of videos including Ip Man, Ip Ching, Ip Chung, Bruce Lee, and Samuel Kwok. all descendents of Ip Man Wing Chun.

#1 #Jeet kune do #Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee---------------The martial arts legend complained of a headache shortly before taking a nap but died shortly after on July 20, 1973 at the age of 32. Lee apparently had an allergic reaction to a pain killer that cause his brain to swell as result. His death was ruled "death by misadventure".

Bruce Lee + wing chun dummy

IP Man Wing Chun

Wing chung hores stanf

Wing Chun Vs MMA, Kung Fu, BJJ, Boxing, Karate, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Sambo, Kickboxing

▶ The real Shaolin warrior training - YouTube

Sifu Duncan Leung trains and prepares Tony Leung for his role as Yip Man in Grand Masters.