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Fitness Tips

Little pug says: Safety first! Always wear a helmet when you go out for a training bike ride!

Occasionally on those days when you really need a boost, music can really help to reduce your inner chatter and perceived exertion. So, put together a killer play list of some up-tempo and relaxing songs and you are almost guaranteed to have a great run/walk.

Running Playlist: The Top 10 Songs for April 2012

60 Days of Better from Newton! Try Newton shoes and experience 60 Days of Better. If you don't fall in love with them, bring them back within 60 days. It's that simple. Sounds like a great deal to us!

Wet Shoe Tip: After those hot humid runs and as we move into the fall and the rainy weather, your shoes will often get water logged. When your shoes get totally soaked in the rain, simply stuff them with newspaper and leave them overnight. In the morning, they will be perfectly dry. Its magic!

How to choose running shoes!

What fuel does your body need post workout? 15-20 minutes after your workout: hydrate properly with an electrolyte replacement drink. 30-45 minutes after: eat some protein and carbohydrates

Did you know that more than 54% of dogs and cats are overweight? Visit Fit Furkeeps for tips on keeping your pet healthy or to find your newest workout buddy who wants to get in shape too!

In the News: Team ASPCA National Coach, Spencer Casey, on your pets keeping you honest when it comes to exercise! Does your pup make you feel guilty if you miss your weekly fun run together?

Many have praised low fat chocolate milk as the perfect post-run drink to speed recovery! For our vegan friends, try this recipe.

Hydrating Vegan Chocolate Milk | Healthful Pursuit

Reward yourself and stay motivated. We know all of our Team ASPCA members would LOVE a massage like this after a long run!

Your dog could be your best running partner! See which workout fits best for your pooch. And remember, you can find all these breeds in a shelter!

  • Lisa Edge

    If you can get a greyhound to run with you, you may as well hang on to the leash while you drive the car next to it. Otherwise, you are better off running alone,since they are busy catching up on their beauty sleep! They are retired - their running days are over!

  • Carolyn Steeves

    Even retired ones love to run, unless they have health problems that make it hurt. I agree, however, that unless you're an olympic sprinter, good luck with that pace : ).