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Carol Mead Pottery | Cattails Vase | Arts & Crafts

Kintsugi (金継ぎ), meaning “golden joinery,” is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using gold. It restores functionality to a broken vessel, and not only adds beauty and worth, it turns destruction and damage into the most valuable part of the piece. The scars of the past are not erased or hidden away, to be ashamed of - they are transformed, immortalized in gold.

The art of beautiful repair

Wheel thrown, "watercolor" like glazing, nice contrast shiny inner glazes with matt temmoku glaze

Antique Pilkington Arts & Crafts - Lewis F Day Ceramic Tile - 1900

SHARON STELTER: Using a variety of hand building techniques such as hollow form slab and coil building, along with heavily textured surfaces builds interest in the work. The pieces are then finished with iron oxide washes and colored glazes

Artist - Ceramic - Artisan Gallery

by imedagoze, via Flickr

The Dragon of Marduk, an important symbol to the ancient Babylonians, from the Ishtar gate

Ancient Iraq: Part 3 - History Of Babylon

Victorian Dragon Tile by Thorsekegga on Flickr

Victorian Dragon Tile by Thorskegga on Flickr. |

"The Scaled Dragon" tile was made at the Moravian Pottery Tile Works and designed by Henry Chapman Mercer c. 1900s based on an English medieval tile. This tile is in the MPTW collection and is projected to have been produced at the tile works circa 1920s to 30s.

B.A. Schmidt Arts Enterprises Dragon Tile

Dragon Tile by B.A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises

Tile, earthenware painted in underglaze blue, William De Morgan, Merton Abbey Factory, London, England, 1882-1888

Artist's Images: Shaun Hall

Studio Pottery: Passionate About Contemporary Ceramics


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