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'Two Men and a Wardrobe' ('Dwaj ludzie z szafą', 1958) by Roman Polański, via YouTube.

Hedgehog in the fog by Vikram Dakad. ( yozhik v tumane - ёжик в тумане ) Classic Russian animated short film from 1975. Based on a story by Sergei Kozlov, directed by Yuri Norstein. In 2003 "Hedgehog in the Fog" won the "№1 Animated film of all the time" at "All time animation best 150 in Japan and Worldwide" contest in Tokyo, Japan.

Bear, dir. by Nash Edgerton (not available online yet) (nor is this a poster for it)

WASP (2003) Dir. by Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank, Red Road)

Dans L'Ombre (In the Shadows) by Fabrice Mathieu Honorable Mention, Disposable Film Festival 2012

Thrush by Gabriel Bisset-Smith Grand Prize winning film at Disposable Film Festival 2011

THE VOYAGERS (2010) Dir. by Penny Lane Call it an Essay Film on Love & Space Exploration. "In the summer of 1977, NASA sent Voyager 1 & 2 on an epic journey into interstellar space. Together and alone, they will travel until the end of the universe. In the summer of 2010, I (Penny Lane) began my own hopeful voyage into the unknown. This film is a love letter to my fellow traveler."