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The author was a young chess prodigy and the subject of the chess movie "The Search for Bobby Fischer". He then became a black belt and an International Champion at Tai Chi and other martial arts. Cool story.

The Four Faces of Link Building

I think this speaks for itself.

I totally want an aquarium like this in my bedroom / boardroom. ifitshipitshere.b...

Late night snack... All veggies juiced!


Worldwide internet traffic will approach ONE ZETTABYTE per year by 2015.

This is a delicious green smoothie... ♥ it.

Finished this book today... Social Media Metrics... first book on the Kindle that I've read. Well, not including the kindle app on iPhone/iPad.

Took this today in Overland Park KS off of Metcalf...

Valentines Day Explosion!

How is this for ingenuity?

Storytelling vs. Frankenspeak

Retro ad campaigns for social networks. Click through to see some great Mad Men era ads for Skype, Facebook and Youtube.

This is how music is made...

What Van Gogh really meant?

They weren't the best doughnuts...

Blogging infographics

This image has caused all kinds of Pinterest drama! Fuck yeah!