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Gardenia tattoo by Amanda Wachob.

  • Danielle Maveal

    This is exactly what I want and she's not taking any more clients and now I am so sad.

Endless snake.

Various examples of the dambalah, the Haitian sky god represented by two snakes.

A veve (religious symbol) of Haitian Vodou, used to call up the loa (spirits).

Veve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Damballah, the Haitian Vodou sky god, composed to two snakes.

Damballa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Berber hand ornament by lyam

Enhabiten's bracelet tattoo

enhabiten: bracelet tattoo
  • Meighan O'Toole

    love his work - i hope to get work from him someday. i love alice's stuff.