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for my students.

fun and creative activities, games, art projects, books, and helpful ideas and tips to encourage learning for all ages.

cute art project to create a fall tree in the classroom - let kids paint or color leaf cutouts.

make a better choice stop signs - just walk over to the child and hand them this instead of yelling across the room, then they can walk over and put it specific bucket and choose a different activity.

finger paint on sandpaper - great sensory art project for touch during five senses week.

sorting soft and hard objects. five senses theme.

soft and smooth, rough and bumpy: a book about touch by dana meachen rau. for five sense week.

look!: a book about sight by dana meachen rau. for five senses week.

felt lacing button snakes - good activity for toddlers to work on fine motor. just cut slits in different shaped and colored felt pieces for a button on the end of a ribbon to fit through.

fun sticky wall christmas tree mural for toddlers to decorate - just tape up green sticky contact paper and let the kids add crumpled up tissue paper, buttons, etc.

fun and easy colorful pom pom drop - good for color recognition and fine motor skills.

firework paintings - just glob some red and blue paint on paper and let kids swirl around with qtips.

bottle cap snake - let kids thread bottle caps to create their own snake while practicing fine motor skills.

line art dice - kids roll the dice and have to draw the lines they get which is great handwriting skills practice.

easter egg matching activity - could do numbers and dots or upper and lower case letters.