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80s cartoons


Remember Mash?


License to Drive

Remember watching this in the theatre...

I had these... we used to record songs from the radio to make mix tapes. Getting the songs without the announcers was an art form!

Kissing Potion... made you lick your lips (which is counter-productive), but it tasted so good!


I loved watching Dynasty with my grandmother. Now those were cat fights... meow!!!

The Truffle Shuffle!! (if you don't get it, you're too young)

Banana clips - horrible hair (worst hair day ever!), but we all had them and in multiple colours too.

It was a good day when you found one of these in your lunchbox!

Flintstone vitamins

computer paper, this is how it used to look, lol

Whistle Pops


You knew it was going to be a good day!

Rainbow Bright

MC Hammer pants!

Holly Hobbie