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SIR GALAHAD & HOLY GRAIL. Sir Galahad, as King of Sarras, kneels at the sight of the Holy Grail. Drawing by Donn P. Crane, early 20th century.

Art by Donn P. Crane, “The Story Of Phaeton.”

The Six Swans -- Donn P. Crane -- Fairytale Illustration

Donn Crane — The Story of Phaethon

The Treasure Chest of my Bookhouse (1920), Illustration by Donn P. Crane

Marketplace of Aztec City Tenochtitlan in Ancient Mexico Book Illustration, 1949, by Donn P. Crane.

1922 joust illustration by Donn P. Crane

Dante and Virgil Meet Charon on the River Styx by Donn P. Crane

Donn P. Crane illustraton from THE BOOK OF HISTORY, written by Olive Beaupré Miller

Carried away by the witchery of the clever, fascinating Cleopatra, the coarse, pleasure-loving Antony, master of the eastern Mediterranean, at once becomes her devoted slave.

Frey, god of sunshine, on his golden boar whose bristles symbolize the sunbeams, and Freya, his sister, in her chariot drawn by cats. Illustration by Donn P. Crane

A flying dragon chariot? Illustration by Donn P. Crane

The faithful women see Jesus risen from the dead.

Pilate shows Jesus to the mob from the loggia adjoining the Judgement Hall.

Donn P. Crane, Siegfried Slaying Fafner

Donn P. Crane ~ from My Book House: Faust