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Gorgeous Desserts

Pastry Cream Recipe ~ is the filling/base of many desserts. Use it to make/fill countless cakes, pastries, trifles, mousses, pies etc.. You can also flavor pastry cream by whipping the finished product with peanut butter, nutella, caramel, melted chocolate, ground spices, extracts and liquors to taste. Just don’t overdo it on the liquid elements, lest you give the pastry cream a soupy texture. Prev. pinners words jj

This star-spangled cake will make a stellar addition to any Fourth of July dessert spread, although you can serve it all season long, of course. Flavored with cream cheese and buttermilk, the tangy biscuits stay crisp even with the cream-and-fruit filling, which carries the red, white, and blue theme to delicious heights. Before assembling your cake, set aside a few spoonfuls of the brightest, plumpest blueberries and strawberries. Once the top biscuit is in place, pile these choice berries i...