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Tequila Memes

The ideal doctor!

Mexican Moonshine: Tequila with intention

Attack the day like a jimador - hard, fast, and with a purpose!

Never water yourself down for someone who can't handle you at100% proof.

Tequila: The Eyes Have It! - Tequila Aficionado Media

tequila, warning, sip wisely

keys to happiness, cleo rocos, tequila

A snow day is only bad news if you're out of tequila.

Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can, and tequila to accept the things I can't.

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Before you sip tequila, make sure you're healthy enough for tequila. If you have a tequila lasting more than four hours, call me.

Forget salt, tequila, lime. I just did Midol, tequila, chocolate. Trust me: There are days you need it this way.

The power of tequila compels you! The power of tequila compels you! The power of tequila compels you!

Occasionally, our most human moments require nothing more than a bit too much tequila and a super insightful cab driver.

$275 for a bottle of tequila? Probably tastes like regret.

The doctor said I need to start drinking more tequila. Also, I call myself 'The Doctor' now.