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I'm so surprised to find out why tomatoes split and the tricks to preventing it is so obvious. How did I not think of that........

How to make new rose, lavender, and rosemary plants from cuttings & mini-greenhouses. Some plants, like willow, make their own rooting hormones. If you soak willow branch cuttings in water, that infusion encourages rooting as much as expensive root hormone powder does.

Growing layers of Lavender and Rosemary... - Jennifer Rizzo

Zesty Salsa Canning Recipe for easily canning tomatoes with a water bath canner. #homesteading #canning #prepping

How to Can a Zesty Salsa Recipe in a Water Bath Canner

Make your own chamomile tea - it's easy once you get the chamomile to grow! just bought several starts for my Roman chamomile garden at Tagawa Gardens :) yah

Making Homemade Chamomile Tea -

Did you know you can Re-Grow Celery?

Re-Growing Celery | Farm Bell Recipes

Become self-reliant! Instead of spending lots of money on pesticide laden, genetically modified veggies you can grow your own. The taste (and nutrition) of home grown food is far superior to the grocery store variety and your cost is almost free.

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse » The Door Garden

For a winter garden. Includes advice for DIY cold frames and small hoop houses.

The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener

Limited Room Doesn't Mean You Can't Grow Your Own Food! The Basics Of Small Space Gardening

How to slash your grocery bill and grow your own foods step by step DIY tutorial instructions, How to, how to do, diy instructions, crafts, do it yourself, diy website, art project ideas

17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever –

♥ Ginger has been widely used to treat different sorts of ailments and diseases- like diabetes, motion sickness, stomach upset, diarrhea and many more. ♥

How To Grow Your Own Ginger - Herbs Info

Starting Seeds Indoors-Germination | Grow Your Own Food | Prepping

All you need to know for growing your own garlic, and all the reasons why you SHOULD grow your own garlic.

5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic |

Grow your own pineapples, avocados and green onions indoors. Thanks, Kaley!

Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids – Growing with Food Scraps

I just discovered this blog about living off your garden and cutting your grocery bill way down. I'm excited to read more.

Who is Mavis? | One Hundred Dollars a Month

Easy Homemade Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce-- perfect for quick dinners, delicious and packed with veggies!

How to Make Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce {Homemade Marinara Recipe}

Secret to peppers,Spray the plant with Epsom salts (1 teaspoon dissolved in a spray bottle of warm water (about 4 cups). That gives the pepper plant a boost of magnesium that is required at flowering time to produce fruit. Spray them again 10 days later and in a few weeks, our expert friends report, you will have more peppers than you can eat. - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

Growing Grapes - The annual life cycle of a grape vine

Gardening: The Annual Life Cycle of a Grape Vine

Organic Gardens Network: 66 Things You Can Grow In Containers Hops Strawberries Tomatoes Summer Squash Other Squashes, like Acorn and Pumpkin Hot Peppers Sweet Peppers Cucumbers Melons Small Cantaloupe Just about any herb grows

Organic Gardens Network™: 66 Things You Can Grow In Containers