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I can't stop loving you aww

And for those that like to read my pins and assume you know who I'm talking about and screen shot my pins & text them, once again, this isn't about you or him!

Navy pants, Striped navy top, brown belt, yellow bubble necklace & shoes

Good character and true friendship is all about how a person nurtures another person who is vulnerable and can give nothing in return. So when you have been through tough times and come out the other side, look around you. The people still standing beside you are your true friends. -- via: www.marcandangel....

High Waisted Black Maxi of my favorite looks

"Sometimes, crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how broken your heart is. "


Black & White - Alexander McQueen - "That Pippa Middleton Dress" {In Black} - Cowl-neck Silk-crepe Gown

Now THIS is a cardigan! No need to layer frumpy cardi's over your maxi dresses and camis.

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. Great idea if you can do it - too bad there are so many people behaving badly......

Chevron summer dress; and, a big necklace; I, absolutely, love, it; and, a bracelet--the color of the necklace--added, would complete the, 'look'! ('Rule of Design': repeatitive, color; in, sets of three; or, more; in, uneven numbers.