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Valentines wreath yarn wreath banner wreath by TheSeptemberTree, $29.00

Valentine Wreath :)

Valentine wreath

Create words with brass push pins in a foam board and frame. Quick, original, affordable art.

DIY 2 tiered stand made with Dollar Tree supplies and Nail Polish. Cha Cha Cakes Nails

  • Teresa

    Melanie- hey there! Thanks for the comment. Glad you watch my videos :)

  • ♡Melanie Orea♡

    Thanks for respondin lol it meant a lot to me cause I had never liked it commented on anything and I got to talk to you

  • ♡Melanie Orea♡

    Hey can you plz like say (hi Melanie )I'm one of ur videos I watch them all so I will know plz give me a shout out in a video plz it would be awesome

  • ♡Melanie Orea♡

    On one of your videos oops I spelled that wrong the first time

  • ♡Melanie Orea♡

    Or make just a quick video giving me a shout plz I'm not a loyal subscriber but I'm a loyal viewer cause I can't subscribe I told you cause I'm to young

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Crafting with Nail Polish- Candy Cane Clothes Pins

DIY Glittery Starbucks Cup from Cha Cha Cakes Nails blog

DIY Glittery Upcycled Votive Candles from Cha Cha Cakes Nails blog

Glass block picture frame-sand,shells and pics from the beach

Candlesticks, salsa jars, glue, spraypaint. Cute treat jars... or for the bathroom: Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby-pins