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At Lakeshore Family Chiropractic, we definitely recommend that patients maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Shot-Put Derp Faces Are Defintely The New Best Olympic Derp Faces

Boneless Hand {Glove}: This activity demonstrates the needs for bones.

Model the digestive system with household objects.

Race your heart - can you move water as quickly as your heart moves blood for one whole minute? It's harder than it sounds!

The importance of brushing your teeth - preventing stains from building up.

Create a skeleton out of various pasta shapes.

Create a model of blood from grocery store items.

The best digestive system activity ever - students work together to break down a giant "food" particle. Hands on. Kinesthetic.

GREAT digestive system outline!!

Throwing shot put & discus !!!!

What Do You Want Kids to Do With Technology?

Decellularization is a tissue engineering technique designed to strip out the cells from a donor organ, leaving nothing but connective tissue that used to hold the cells in place. This scaffold of connective tissue - called a "ghost organ" for its pale and almost translucent appearance - can then be reseeded with a patient's own cells, with the goal of regenerating an organ that can be transplanted into the patient without fear of tissue rejection.This is in the experimental stage.

Omg so funny!! The middle one! I make that face like 10 times a day!! :)

High School Happenings: Using Precepts in the High School Classroom

Circulatory System Lesson - model of heart with water bottles

...often what feels like the end of the world is simply a challenging pathway

"Be" bulletin board - beginning of the year

Students design a different font type for each letter of their name. They color the letters to reflect their personality and then cut out letters from bristol board and then turn into 3-D sculpture.

39 Reasons To Be Happy Every Day For 100 Days - People all over the world are taking the #100HappyDays challenge.