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Samples of cotton dyed red, 1748 Departmental Archives of the Seine-Maritime , Rouen r. : Portrait of Ulrich and Salome Bräker, Joseph Reinhart, 1793, History Museum, Bern Salome Bräker has skeins of cotton under his right arm.

Disturbed family life in the nursery by Johann Eleazar Zeissig (1737–1806)_

Disturbed Family Life in the Nursery - Johann Eleazar Zeissig

Dress (Robe à l'Anglaise) 1725–50 linen & silk, British

Robe à l'Anglaise | British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Between 1730 , 1740 Cut velvet burgundy red silk. Liners, unbleached linen and ecru silk taffeta

A blue and ivory lampas caraco, circa 1760-65.

Detail waistcoat, possibly England, c. 1760. White cotton with cotton corded quilting.

Man's Waistcoat | LACMA Collections

c.1740-1760 stays made from natural homespun linen. Stays of the 18th century were conical in shape and gave the wearer a pinched in waist and a full, pushed up bustline. They were very stiff being heavily boned with whalebone or cane and many women complained of bruising under the arms and at the waist from the sheer rigidity of the stays

News about antique cars, equipment & art!

1760 French Banyan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Banyan | French | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pennsylvania, 1740–1770 During the eighteenth century, the term pocket referred to a flat pouch, with a slit in the front for access, that was tied around a woman’s waist. Pockets were worn either over a dress or under an overskirt, where they could be easily reached. **American Folk Art Museum image gallery search: www.folkartmuseum...

British Tars, 1740-1790: colored jacket

British Tars, 1740-1790: colored jacket

Late 18th century, Europe - Pair of gloves - Printed leather, lace

Pair of gloves | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Jacket, Netherlands, 18th century. Cotton, printed with floral motifs in red and blue (indienne).

Jacket, second quarter 18th century, Italian, silk, Length at CB: 30 in. (76.2 cm) (c) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jacket | Italian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

London Cries: A Fishmonger – Paul Sandby 1759

London Cries: A Fishmonger - Paul Sandby 1759

Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection,1781. The woman in middle wears a British regimental with lace and buttons, gussets on both stockings and has a knife on her apron string. All women have bangs. Woman on the left is wearing an open robe gown with stomacher, open check apron, striped handkerchief and black silk covered chip hat. The woman on the right appears to be pregnant, has long sleeves on her sprigged bedgown, ties on her cloak (not clasps) and her spotted handkerchief.

Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection