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Theresa Rioux

Theresa Rioux

energy moves in waves. waves move in patterns. patterns move in rhythms. a human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. nothing more. nothing less. a dance. gabrielle roth

love on the seine

william s. burroughs

what was the best day of your life?. it was a night. b.b.

oscar wilde

virginia woolf

stradivarius - ‘ole bull’ violin. a work of art… "the true mission of the violin is to imitate the accents of the human voice, a noble mission that has earned for the violin the glory of being called the king of instruments”. charles-auguste de beriot

elements - lindsey stirling (dubstep violin original song)

this celtic designed violin brings to mind the beautiful irish music that once came from it. now it is a work of art. the iridescent glass reflects the light in a myriad of ways, so it has a new look every time you see it. created by bill allord

if you find me not within you, you will never find me. for, i have been with you, from the beginning of me. rumi