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Will this matter a year from now? This is the question I always ask myself when I don't know which way to go on a decision. Makes it an easy answer!

“Have you seen most of the plus-size sections out there? It’s horrifying. Whoever’s designing for plus-size doesn’t get it. The entire garment needs to be reconceived. You can’t just take a size 8 and make it larger. In my travels, I’ve been an advocate for larger women. I’ve been talking to designers, but only a half-dozen make an effort. Most say, ‘I don’t want a woman who’s a size 10 or 11 wearing my clothes.’ Well, shame on you! It’s not realistic.

Who do You Think you Are genealogy -

Often times we forget our true dreams because we are too busy either talking about other people, holding a grudge against other people, or fearing the change we see in other people. Do you notice a trend??? #choosesuccess #success

Success and Your Puuurty Dream Paper -

Or when they brake you come up with clever ideas to fix them . #curly hair problems.

Teenagers Post Naturally Picture by Anam - Inspiring Photo


This is a brilliant idea that should become a thing…

Cheating on women is dangerous..

Cheating on Women is Dangerous

Funny Dragons

I can't stop laughing!

Nothing To See Here...

It's quite an achievement for which there should definitely be an award!

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