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“For corporate communications consultant Megan, a new brand identity increased the visibility of her business, along with its value. Aligning Megan’s primary planning, training and writing services under a single descriptor — ‘communication strategist’ — clarified her capabilities. Using language and typography to design an innovative logo reflected Megan’s personality. The result was some of the ‘The Year’s Best Work’, according to industry publication, Australian Creative.” - NSCo. #neuarmysurplusco by... - Typeverything

Window Mocker by Joe White

Dribbble - Window Mocker by Joe White

Theater : La Cartoucherie by Sacha Grellard, via Behance

The Hand and Eye by Brian Steely

The Hand and Eye

Dot Dash create a playful identity for new London bakery Fatties

design. logo.

Wedding Invitation Stamp

Dribbble - North Inlet by Jay Fletcher

コトホギデザイン | 東京都杉並区・デザイン事務所 | 実績紹介 | LOGO(CI / VI) | iro

The Golden Camera 2014 by Paperlux | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Notum // Daniel Brokstad

Notum | Daniel Brokstad

by Jonathan Garrett for Frida von Fuchs

Mathias Tanguy | Visual identity by DMWORKROOM, via Behance