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"Economics Has Replaced Ethics" Essay by Laura J. Rediehs - "The biggest ethical challenge facing us today is that we have let economics replace ethics as a guide to life, and in doing so, we have devalued people and the associated virtues of respect, cooperation, empathy, and compassion. This problem underlies and complicates the more specific ethical challenges we face."

Designed by award winning Australian architecture practice CarterWilliamson, GRID house can be built if necessary in 3 and a half hours flat. It houses 8 to 10 people, and includes sustainable features like solar panels and natural light and airflow, and even a mezzanine level for sleeping and privacy.

From Can to Solar-Powered Heater It may sound strange, but using aluminum cans to build a solar-powered heater for your home is more common than you might believe. A great DIY project, solar-powered heaters using recycled cans are inexpensive and relatively simple to build.

How to Solar Power Your Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back to Basics Conserving)

Its easy to learn how to make solar panels

Solar Power : Its Easy to Learn How to Make Solar Panels

How to Choose a Solar Power System By eHow Contributor , last updated February 19, 2013

DIY Solar Heater Guide. Build this solar heat collector that blows hot air into your house all sunny day long. Super easy to build and it will last for many years saving you hundreds of dollars off your heating bill. Can be connected to your clothes dryer too! Go to and order the PDF to be sent to your inbox NOW! Winter is coming!

17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever

17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun. Ralph Nader

In a recent article by Carter Eskew, a valid point is brought up about power companies being on the verge of downsizing due to more and more residences and businesses being energy sustaining. While Eskew paints the future in a bleak color in the article, does it really have to be as bad as the author suggests? Or could this be another instance of where a company is too big to fail and is bailed out by the federal government?

Developing the Canadian tar sands will wreak havoc with our climate for decades to come. And the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry this toxic tar sands fuel from Alberta to Texas, would threaten drinking water supplies in America's heartland.

ExxonMobil Pegasus Diluted Bitumen / Tar Sands / Chemical spill and needless destruction of the Wetlands of Mayflower, Arkansas summary as presented by OPFLEX to Congress and other Government agencies this week.

Exxon Doesn’t Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick in Mayflower: The oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas has left residents outside the evacuation zone complaining of illness. Exxon says the air is safe, but new documentation shows they lied and attempted to cover up the extent of the oil spill. We should trust residents who are suffering from spill-induced illness, not Exxon.

Clergy letter on Keystone published in Politico: The letter, published today as a full page ad in Politico, reminds the president of his words in the Inauguration, stating: “As people of faith, we share your conviction that ‘we are commanded by God to care for our planet’ and that the ‘failure to respond to the threat of climate change would betray our children and future generations.’”

Just like in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon explosion, there is a no-fly zone over the oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas controlled by the very same company responsible for the spill.

Solar panels on a home in Los Angeles. Alec will promote legislation planning to penalise individual homeowners who install solar panels. (p...