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Harry Potter Post Secret.

I love this! The way Remus tries to be polite but insulting, the way Sirius doesn't care what Snape thinks, the way James tries to be polite but then ruins it, and finally the way you can tell that Peter would be whimpering at Snapes feet if this was happening in person :3

He Was Baby Harry Potter, Then He Was Harry Potter’s Baby…

Harry Potter after Hogwarts

Also true for #7: OMG, I don't want it to end! I wish this book could go on forever.

harry potter, you know you love this

Sorry... I got distracted by all the GEEK (28 photos)

Harry Potter tattoo. Cute. Via Fuck Yeah, Tattoos.

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Fairytale wedding dress

This tent set up took my breath away. Clear Span tents are the tits. Have an outdoor wedding with AIR CONDITIONING and dance under the stars. Plus, I know you're thinking it too ... HARRY EFFING POTTER!!