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Gingerbread Man Song (Run, run as fast as you can!)

Mallet Madness 20 min shows the entire lesson of rotating, chant and the different cue words for the lesson. He has a cute Mexican folk dance on his youtube page as well ABC Form circle dance then add sticks

The Piano - Amazing Short - Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

Walk Off the Earth, "Gang of Rhythm" - Cover by JD and Ryan. Talented Kids!

Playing A Clarinet Covered In Bees

Who (clap-clap-stomp) are you? Oh, who (clap-clap-stomp) are you? Do you swing from trees? Do you scratch off your fleas? Oh, who are you? **A good icebreaker game!

Debbie and Friends

Silly and Fun April Fools Day Music Video For Kids from Kiboomu

Herman & katnip Rail Rodents (1954) Famous Studios cartoons

Cup Game Kentucky - YouTube easier version of a cup pattern. good for intermediate grades

Royals - Walk off the Earth. Another great vid from Walk Off The Earth featuring ukeleles, classroom percussion and a didgeridoo.

"It's Not Hard I Tell You So": A super fun movement and rhythm activity for elementary and middle school students. There is a variation out there called "Sevens."

Perfect for my Prek/K and loud/soft: Elmo and Ricky Gervais singing lullabies and learning about the letter "N".