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Felines - Enclosures

Cat Enclosures, catios, etc.

Here are some lucky kitties in the enclosed "Catio" | Do It Yourself Home Projects from #AnaWhite #catio LOVE THESE DESIGNS!!

Ultimate cat tree :)

Nail a large round basket to the wall and put a cozy blanket inside -- Instant Pet Bed!

Super cool wall-mounted cat house!

Pinner stated: "David finished our Catico! He also added a floor and planted catnip under it that grows up through the slats. The cats can go in and out through a catdoor in the bedroom window. SUCCESS!"How lovely it blends with their house TOO:) #cats #Catio

Kitty Peeper window patio for cats. Mesh allows fresh air and sounds. Fits up and down closing windows. Fits like an air conditioner but has sliding left and right panels yo fit your window. #catio #cats

Outdoor cat enclosure with greenhouse #catio #cat#BeautifulWorldLivingEnvironments www.abeautifulwor...

Catios: Every year, more than 5 million cats are killed by cars, which is one reason why indoor cats typically live more than three times as long as outdoor cats. These are “catios,” or enclosed “outdoor solutions for indoor cats,” Perfect for small courtyards, balconies, yards. When it comes to creating a safe outdoor enclosure where your cat can explore, your only limited by imagination. Kittywalk Systems and Kritter Kommunity are two companies that these.

Window cat door and cat run. Love how this is off the ground.

Cat Terrace Window Cage

The ultimate cat patio ... the catio! #cats #Catio

Like the slanted roof to keep everything dry underneath. #cats #catio

Could use this chicken coop idea for cat enclosure/catio! #cats #catio

A small catio lean-to that could tuck into the house. Pinner stated: "Could put a screen on top of the chicken-wire to keep the bugs out."#cats #catio

SunCATcher 5’ x 8’ Sectional Outdoor Garden Cat Enclosure #catio #cat

Outdoor Cat Enclosures: How To Go From Patio To Catio --- from --- for the coolest new products and wackiest inventions.

Alley Cat Rescue, Inc. - The National Cat Protection Association: Outdoor Cat Enclosure

LOVE this screened in outdoor cat area.. My inside cats would LOVE to be able to climb out a window for some fresh air

Kitty City

Outdoor space for indoor cats