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mother daughter tattoos - fingerprint of each finger made into a heart @Jenn L Hall-Cormican

The Wonder of Runes: Runes 101 - Runes in History 6. I might get Kenaz. Similar meaning and sound to my name.

the strict circle border here is cool

hip side cover up tattoos | girl with tattoo quote tattoos quotes tattoo tattoos breathing

"She’s a rare breed, matter fact, she’s an endangered species. Her heart’s been broken and just like mine it remains in pieces. But everytime we’re near each other smile is all we can do, our shattered souls intertwine. I know I’ve felt the same kind of agonizing pain she’s been through and I find comfort in her grasp so I reach out with both arms"

Hummingbird-tattoo.jpg (329×301)

Tiger lily- ferocity of a tiger, elegance and beauty of a lily. What it means to be a woman.

If for some reason my anchor tattoo meaning is ruined, here's an idea: Anchors are strong and meant to be tough, but add a floral arrangement and you have what can represent a strong woman. Perhaps, perhaps.

this would be so cool as a mother/daughter or husband/wife or even best friends tattoo #tattoo

Delicate inked Drutsa script of "to become peaceful" aligned vertically. This tattoo was designed by Tibetan calligraphy script artist Tashi Mannox. If you've ever thought of getting a tattoo of a Tibetan mantra, script, or symbol; visit Tashi's store and purchase one of his classic tattoo designs. He has over 400 of the most esthetically pleasing designs I've ever seen.

love the saying "fluctuat nec mergitur" (she is tossed by the waves but does not sink)