Few of my favorite chickflicks

An Open Letter to Hollywood: Bring Back Quality Chick Flicks

Gilmore Girls workout... Could also be turned into an amusing drinking game ;) Because we all know the Gilmore Girls don't exercise, and everyone wants to be a Gilmore Girl!

how productive do i feel today, on a scale of lindsay funke to leslie knope.

I would join this bookclub

Groupon - $ 5 for a $ 10 Starbucks Card eGift in Online Deal. Groupon deal price: $5.00

How One Woman Created a Community Out of a Neighborhood | Storyline Blog

lovely little whimsy: love packs (for the homeless)

lovely little whimsy: love packs (for the homeless)

find your dream job

A Peaceful Crib: Send Scripture Prints To Newtown

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