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Even if you don't like someone with the bottom of your soul, violence is never the answer, and maybe, someday, you might be able to deal with them.

Simply Girly: June Ipsy Bag

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Find a girl who reads…

"every girl needs reassurance. she needs you to tell her, prove to her; reassure her that she's exxactly the right one for you. maybe not all the time, but how hard is it to do it once in a while?! don't make her doubt you. who doesn't like consistency? she just wants to know that you won't wake up one morning and feel differently!!!!!" AMEN!!!!!!

Truth ! Why do so many people give up after they get comfortable? If you truly love them, you will always be willing to show them that they are important to you.. you can be comfortable and still passionate about each other... if your right for each other of course...

The Ultimate Breakup Playlist: 50 breakup songs all in a handy Spotify playlist! I'm sure someone could use this.

Flynn Rider, The Only Sane Person In Disney AND he questions why everyone randomly bursts out singing

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Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu.@Heather Ellis

Disney Princess: Forever After. Um. . . Can we talk about her dress? LOOK AT IT. IT'S BEYOND FABULOUS.