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༺Tattoos / Tatuagens༻

pheonix tattoo by bronis....everything about this except the it!!

Silviano Fiato

20 most exquisite Venetian mask tattoos -

Moni Marino

20 most exquisite Venetian mask tattoos -

Pegasus was a winged horse, friend of heroe Perseus. He symbolizes freedom, but also fame. Tattoo by Ondrash.

45 beautiful Greek Mythology tattoos -

Icarus flying above his father, by Ozone. Icarus symbolizes freedom, but also ambition, fierceness and the bravery of youth.

45 beautiful Greek Mythology tattoos -

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, nature and moon. A wild Virgin, she symbolize women's independence, natural instinct, purity and mystery. Tattoo by Blaze Schwaller.

45 beautiful Greek Mythology tattoos -


20 Feminine Tattoos -


20 Watercolor tattoos -

Intricate and sexy backpiece by Marco Manzo too.

30 Refined Lace Tattoos -

A full legpiece by Marco Manzo: impressive!

30 Refined Lace Tattoos -

The optical illusion of a real ribbon is stunning ! 3D tattoo by Pitor Ćwięk.

30 Refined Lace Tattoos -

Another white ink garter.

30 Refined Lace Tattoos -

Roses and butterflies are often associated. They mean love but also pureness.

32 Original Rose Tattoos -

Little one on Rachel from last week, thank you lady!...

//Hannah Clark//

Would make a beautiful tat

Ariella - Formas de Sabedoria (Teaser)

flower with skull tattoo | Paradise Tattoo Gathering : Tattoos : Flower Rose : The Kings Skull

Paradise Tattoo Gathering :