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Weird Obsessions

I have been told I am a bit "quirky." That being said, I tend to be a little obsessed over certain things. This will be a little glimpse into the things I love.

Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

Pock It. It’s like a Post-it note with a pocket!

ThinkGeek :: Minecraft Sticky Notecube $9.99

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Sticky Notes $5.99 - Sticky notes & Doctor Who?? SQUEE! I want!

I've taken on an obsession for BBCs Sherlock. Only 6 episodes and I am amazed and in love with the series.

I remember having a box filled of floppies. Ahh... the good ol' days now in Post-It form.

A post-it that goes over your light switch so you remember things as you go out the door.

Post-It notes shaped like a watch so you don't have to write on yourself to remember something? Where can I buy it?!

This sites totes are nifty and they roll up into little balls.